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Futile Efforts [Apr. 11th, 2007|02:37 pm]
Floogelmisen Community...Online!


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Yeah...every so often I'll do this...habit, I suppose, or maybe just a futile effort to get you kids today to read more books and less blogs.  Irony, eh?
Library book faire starts April the 21st, as always in the Finley building of Sonoma County Faire Grounds.  Huge auditorium, thousands of used books, charged by the inch.
Saturday 21: book Faire, pick of the litter.  Likely to find bestsellers and almost-new editions.
Sunday 22nd: Half-price day.  More picked over than yesterday, but more bang for the buck.
Monday 23rd: 4$ bag day.  Selection limited but they give you a grocery bag at the door to fill at your leisure.

All days include romance novels by the crate, antique editions, and cliffs notes.  

Anyone is welcome, please try to at least make it look like you want to become more literate, if you don't really want to be there.