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Formal Decloration (mirrored on myspace) [Oct. 14th, 2006|08:23 pm]
Floogelmisen Community...Online!


Dear Members of our wonderful Floogalmissen,

Sometimes in the course of living people lose there way. They forget what it REALLY means to be part of our great kingdom. What little that actully trinkels down to me saddens my heart. Let me remind you what made our kingdom not only a group but also a tightly nit family.

If you think floogalmissen is a place your dead wrong. It does not matter were it is. It is a state of person and being. Nor is it a group. YOU are floogalmissen YOU carry it on. People of floogalmissen are not only people who read this but also people who are out there in the world! Just becouse you nolong are in the group OR dont go to the school that does not mean your not floogalmissen! THESE are the reasons why people are Floogalmissen. Our order was founded on kindness, Peace, Acceptance, Trust, Luaghter, Song, and Dance.

People of our kingdom must strive to be KIND. Without this what kind of people are we? Were no better than people who live in the quad! People who look down on others. How can we be great without a qualitey that ALL great people have? If you are truly of Floogalmissen BE KIND.

Strive for peace in all things. Stive for a stop of vilonce. Strive for an elimanation of drama. If there is a dramatic problem. Take it away from the group as a whole. Take a good freind if you have to. Keeping peace does not mean holding it in. You will only have inner turmoel. It is good to let things out. But this does not mean distrupt EVERYONE with your problem. Only if the problem effects everyone should you. Rember with peace comes Happyness.

Floogalmissen would be NOTHING if we did not accept people for who and what they are. This among the others is KEY from making yourself floogalmissen. Yes this might sound great but frankly form what i hear people have FROGOTEN. Just to clarifly IT does not MATTER WHO YOU ARE! You can be Gay, Strait, Black, White, Asian, Mexican, Christain, Buddist, Pagen, islamic, IT DOES NOT MATTER. THERE ALL THE SAME. The only things that matter here are Smoking, Drinking, and Drugs. THESE three things are to be kept to YOURSELF! It does not matter what you do on your own time. Dont bring these things to the group. IN your own time do what makes you happy. IF this makes people mad ITS CALLED ACCEPTING THE BAD WITH THE GOOD!! NOONE is a saint AND by no means should people act like one. To do this is NOT what we are about. Only when these things get to a DANGER level then should you step in and talk to that person.

I am going to leave trust for last.

What is life without laughter? We must alwas find things to laugh at. This does not mean poke fun at others, but rather find other things. Laugh at yourself. Laugh out of love. Laugh with love. TELL JOKES! Laugh at life. Kindness begets joy and joy my freinds brings laughter. Dont think that it does not go both ways.

Our people were founded IN SONG. There are songs that get passed down every year. If you dont know any songs FIND someone who does. There are few that rember them that remain at the highschool. If it is truly so dark a time that these songs are lost. Then by gosh make one up. Even if it is truly lame if you mangaged to laugh and bring some joy then it was 100 no 1000 times worth it. Sing from your heart sing to the soul sing for peace SING FOR FLOOGALMISSEN!

Dance brings joy to all. Nobody should be afraid to dance. If its quite and everyone just stands. If you know how to ling arms and bounce in cercals do so. Its our people OLDEST DANCE. Sing while doing so. Randomly swicht partners. LET NONE BE LEFT OUT. Spread the joy of dance to everyone! It is Floogalmissens Oldest Crusade!!

Now for trust. The reason that our people seem so seperated by inner turmoel. Is a lack of trust. But do not blame yourselfs my dear friends. There are thoughs among you who mask frendship, who hide behind a layer of deceate. I will not point fingers here. That would be below the perpus of this letter. But it is people like these that if you cant old there trust how can you be close to them on a famely level. Let me give you an example. This is from a current member of our loved family. "John is the eppitamy of darkness and evil.....He's a perverted freak who needs to be shot, revived and shot again. He is a liar and an assanine tosser who should be exiled from existence do to misconduct on an inhuman level - have I gotten the point across yet that I hate this bastard? Good. Those who know him may know him as King John of Floogelmisen. He is no king. He is the kind of scum who would spin falses around you like a web then feast upon your life (rape you if possible) until all has been drained from you and you are left as a broken lifeless husk of flesh without so much as a soul." We will call this writer Lilith. There ofcourse was more to this but i only took out the parts that hurt me the most. You may wonder why i wont use there name. Well quite frankly I am better then this indivdual. I am floogalmissen. Lilith has not been for a long time. I gave Lilith nothing but love. And this is how i was repaid. How can we trust people in our OWN group with so much hate? Now ther reason i bring this up is Becouse i find that Lilith is harmfull to this group. Find thoughs who you think you can trust and stay with them. Floogalmissen was built on trust. Dont let it die with its lack.

To the leaders of our country Past, Current And Future. The role of the leader is not in title only. It is of the manager. A leader must BE the embodyment of all the above. The leader MUST know and care about every person that decides to join our group. They must strive to know everyones name. They have to be there in times of hurt in times of disfunction. You have to be a piller. With this comes the power to banish. THIS should be ONLY USED under the most dreastic of means. You should NEVER banash people you "just dont like." They have to SAVIRLY break the rules. If you think i am blowing smoke up my own ass then you dont know your history. I banshed my own brother. And dont think that was any small task. My brother is the only constant friend i have ever had. To the good people If your leader EVER rules by fear using banishment in UNFAIR ways. Using to maintain power IT IS YOUR JOB TO BANSH THAT CURRENT LEADER. A Senior does not make the leader IT IS THE PERSON!

With that I will leave your choices to you. Fret out thoughs who would use you. Fret out thoughs who would Domanate you. Dont belong to floogalmissen BE Floogalmissen. Thoughs who find this letter offencive and angering should look into themselfs. Have you broken these rules?? LONG LIVE THE KINGDOM OF GRASS LONG LIVE THE PEOPLE OF FLOOGALMISSEN!!

Former king of Floogalmissen
Johannes Amos Wooldridge III

(If you agree with this letter Post or read out loud.)