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Floogelmisen Community...Online!

A forum for the citizens of Floogelmisen to rant together in

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This is a community for citizens of the country of Floogelmisen, glorious Floogelmisen. We can discuss group events, ideas for the beautification of Floogelmisen, and how to deal with the various territorial claims of our neighbors (aka pranks). Now, for everyone's benefit, the national anthem, whose theme truly seems to be, to quote the infamous Jade, "spreading the plague":
We meet by the Vanished Lake
upon our lush and grassy land
at break and lunch, when life is cake--
oh we are a motley band.

Oh come all ye who are insane
come to hug and come to dance
come sunbathe in the service lane
oh please come to nonce and prance.

Our carefree days of EverQuest--
recounted here, they become lore;
the way the trash does roll and crest;
our jouyous Springtime Smacking War.

Enjoy the freedom of our world
the liberty to be quite mad;
our strange intentions are unfurled
now come join us; make us glad!