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To the n00bs [May. 8th, 2006|06:31 pm]
Floogelmisen Community...Online!


To the new people of floogelmisen, You reading this and being here means that you are willing to help in making our land beautiful once again. So I thank you all. now here is just a little thing that I need you to fill out. (you don't need an account, though getting one might be a good idea) My lord and dear goddesses you do not need to fill this out. if you want to for the hell of it go a head.

title (if you have one from last year) :
title you wish to have next year? (please note you might not get your first choice if you can come up with more than one that would help me very much:
reason for coming to our group of lurve:
Did you follow someone to the group? if yes who?

the Constitution and Bill of Rights for Floogelmisen. And here they are:

The Constitution of Floogelmisen
(No, Not THAT Kind of Constitution)
I) The Senior in the group shall rule. If there is more than one senior, the senior that has been in the group the longest shall rule. If all Seniors have been in the group an equal amount of time, they can wrastle for it. The title the Senior holds is the decision of that Senior, e,g., Emperor, Queen, Tyrant, etc.
II) There shalt be no drama (defined as soap opera-type whinging) in the group. If there is discord between group-members or between group members and nonbelievers (a.k.a. people outside the group), take it outside. Or inside, as the case may be.
III) A person or persons of bad repute among the citizenry of Floogelmisen can be cast out to the rabid wolves (a.k.a. the preps) if AND ONLY IF they are doing one or more of the following things:
i) Spreading nasty lies and rumors about the lovely denizens of Floogelmisen
ii) Being aggressive towards any member of Floogelmisen in a physical and/or mental way ("mental way" meaning being rude)
iii) Waging psychological warfare
IV) The Ruling Senior(s) has (have) the duty to assign various fitting titles to their circle of courtiers, a.k.a. not n00bs, because n00bs are called n00bs, and not drifters (people who drift in and out of the group).
V) Thou shalt celebrate often and loudly. Thou shalt have movie nights many a weekend at some good citizen's house. Thou shalt celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day and any other strange and unusual holiday that comes along.
i) And while we're on "strange and unusual," strange and unusual punishment is encouraged...
VI) Whenever someone's ass is particularly exposed, it is declared a "free ass."
i) "Open season" happens whenever there exists a "free ass"
ii) On someone's birthday, they are lifted in fireman's carry and given as many smacks as they are old (i.e. 17 for one's 17th birthday), plus one for good luck
VII) Thou shalt "spread the plague" (i.e. convert the masses to our twisted way of thinking and try to get them to join the group) whenever possible.
VIII) Henry the Eighth had six knives. Just thought I'd throw that out there.
IX) Everyone's personal religious beliefs must be accepted by all (as should their personalities), but no one must be offended at anything anyone else says or does, for it is all said and done in good faith.
i) The country's religion, Weirdnosity, shall be recognized by all, regardless of personal beliefs (especially since weirdness is a state of being for everyone in Floogelmisen), and shall be headed by the Court Jester, to, of course, be chosen by the Ruling Senior(s).
X) Anything lost or borrowed shall be returned. Promptly and unharmed.
i) That definitely means that money must remain in wallets.
XI) Be nice. Be respectful. Be cleanly (littering nearly got us thrown off our land by The Man). If you do all this, we will live in peace. To a point.
XII) Royal documents shall be listened to by all. Because I can.

Bill of Rights for Floogelmisen
(Or Perhaps Fritz of Rights, if you're Rather Germanic)
1. There is no right to remain silent. So spill.
2. You DO have the right to mooch food of others. You little swine.
3. You also have the right to refuse moochers. You greedy bastard.
4. You have the right to sexual innuendo. Oh yes, you have it, all right...
5. You have the right to ask for a shoulder to cry on.
6. Your sexual orientation is your business. No one has the right to deny you your comfort with yourself.
7. You have the right to arm bears. And wendigoes. But we don't advise it.
8. You have the right to not be bugged about your schoolwork (e.g. if you're doing it during lunch and want the company of your friends but don't want to be disturbed because you want to get it done for next period).
9. You need a thneed.
10. The only slaves allowed to be held shall be LURVE slaves.

Please read over the constitution and bill of rights. you will not be quized on it but its good to know what is stated.

yours truly
Queen of Floogelmisen, Meghan

[User Picture]From: waterlord
2006-05-08 11:51 pm (UTC)
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[User Picture]From: jadedanddark
2006-05-10 12:03 pm (UTC)
May the golden age return in all its sick twisted glory. May its days be full of song and laughter. May the dark age never return.

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